Mercedes C180 Coupe

Mercedes C180 Coupe Review
Mercedes C180 Coupe, Inaugurated at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2011. The C-Class coupe cars has interesting things like Cabin extends backwards beyond the rear axle, long and sloping windshield and had two doors. The commercial launch is planned on June 2011, with a choice of two diesel engines, while fittings, and three petrol, equipment and price will be announced at the launch in Geneva.

Mercedes C180 Coupe Engine Review
Mercedes C Class Coupe will be available with five engines (three petrol and two diesels) with power ranging from 156, 170, 204 and 306 HP. All are equipped with direct injection and the ECO start/stop function as standard. All the engine variants are particularly efficient and environmentally friendly in their use of fuel. Average fuel consumption is 6.8 litres per 100 km. Mercedes C Class Coupe offering high performance and exemplary economy. The most economical coupé model is the C 220 CDI Blue Efficiency with manual 6-speed transmission. It has an average diesel consumption of 4.4 litres per 100 km. The top engine variant is the V6 petrol engine in the C 350 Blue Efficiency  featuring the efficient Blue Direct method of injection. It delivers 225 kW (306 hp) and 370 Nm.

Mercedes C180 Coupe  Interior Review
Mercedes C Class Coupe dashboard instrument panel features a sporty, strong and high-quality design. The coupé comes with the new generation of 3-spoke steering wheel with its chromed central spoke that first appeared on the new CLS. The trapezoidal  air vents and the round vents on the outside are highlighted in detail by galvanised trim. The control panel of the new  generation communication and information unit has the high perceived value of the interior. The C-Class Coupe  featuring  comfortable four sporty seats. If desired, the backrests in the rear can be folded down to make the boot larger.

Mercedes C180 Coupe Exterior Review
The front view is dominated by the prominent radiator grille surround including the bumper. The side air in takes in the bumper featuring integrated, horizontal daytime running lamps are positioned low down. The shape of the clear-lens headlamps creates a dynamic impression. From the rear, the new C-Class Coupé looks sportily short . Positioning the tail lights as far apart as possible emphasises width. The particular impression of depth is achieved by a centrally located LED indicator. a diffuser towards the bottom of the rear bumper between the exhaust system’s tailpipe trim makes the rear end look lighter and gives the vehicle a distinctively sporty and dynamic quality.

Mercedes C180 Coupe Price Review
Price of Mercedes C180 Coupe will launch in June 2011 in Geneva.

Mercedes C180 Coupe Models
Mercedes C Class Coupe will be available with five engines :
C 220 CDI BE (petrol)
C 250 CDI BE (petrol)
C 180 BE (diesels)
C 250 BE (diesels)
C 350 BE (diesels)

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